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At Goodmark Industries, we know that a bumper is not only an essential part of your car, but gives it a style and an impression to your vehicle. We offer the specialized service to rechrome your original, battered and bruised bumper or polish up an aftermarket bumper. We use the most professional and long-lasting rechrome bumper process on the market, with the multi-step plating system. We do the prep work and metal care for your bumper to ensure a brilliant shine with the chrome finish. Our plating process only uses the most durable chrome in the industry, Hexavalent Chromium or "blue chrome". Goodmark provides the show quality rechrome bumper process you're looking for, with a lifetime warranty.

Chrome History

Chrome bumpers hit the peak of popularity between the 1950's and 70's, with the original purpose to protect the underlying metal of the car. Yet, function has transformed to fashion with rechrome bumpers, and has found its place as iconic and imperative element of the appearance of a vehicle.

Rechrome Importance

Rechrome bumpers have become an extremely desired product by today's professionals and car enthusiasts. Original metal bumpers are now also becoming few and far between, where the technique of rechroming and our company steps in.

Show Quality

You want to be sure your rechromed bumper comes back to you in top condition and without grinder marks, bends, or fouled plating. Trust a company that offers a service above the rest, with the expertise and specialized equipment to refinish your bumper to show room quality appearance.

Rechrome Process

We workout the rust, scuffs, and scratches on your bumper as needed. With the multi-step chrome plating process, the bumper is coated with copper and nickel plating, to produce a strong base for the hex chrome to be applied to. Another benefit with the rechrome bumper process, your parts fit the vehicle without any adjustment that is required for new parts saving you time and money on fabrication.

Specialized Equipment

Most likely, the hardest part of the process will be removing the bumper before the rechrome bumper process. We do the rest of the work. Our employees work three shifts a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year to be known as not just another chroming shop. Place your trust with our expert staff to fix, straighten, and rechrome your bumper with our specialized equipment. With lower rates than the competition and four drop-off locations across the USA, we condition your bumper to show quality and restore the shine.

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