Our Bumper Chrome Plating

When it comes to chrome plated bumpers, no one likes the appearance of rust, scratches or scuffs on the front of your car. Most classic vehicles are subject to this issue, more times than not with the wear and tear of the road. The chrome plating your classic bumper saves money and provides the quality chrome plating shine, without the hassle of purchasing new chrome plated parts. Walk through the chrome plating process from start to finish. Learn how we take your banged up bumper, and produce the durable, quality chrome plate shine that lasts at an affordable price!

Final Bumper Chrome Plating

Step 14:

Once your bumper is plated with the chrome layer, it receives the final wash and polishing. The bumper is then sent for the final inspection. If the bumper shows any flecks or blemishes on the appearance, the bumper will be sent back through the chroming process.

Re Chrome Bumper Step 14
Re Chrome Bumper Step 14

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