Front Chrome Bumper Repair Process

When it comes to your front chrome bumper, no one likes the appearance of rust, scratches or scuffs on the front chrome bumpers of your car. Classic front chrome bumper repair is done to renew that showroom chrome finish. Front chrome bumper repair saves you money and provides a high quality shine, without the hassle of purchasing expensive new front chrome bumpers. Walk through our front chrome bumper repair process from start to finish. Learn how our process of front chrome bumper repair will fix your banged up front chrome bumper, and produce the durable, quality shine that lasts at an affordable price!

Front Chrome Bumper Repair

Step 2:

After we have identified your front chrome bumper and specified the type of reconditioning required, the front chrome bumper is sent to the blast cabinet. The blast cabinet does just that, blasts the bumper. Original front chrome bumpers have taken some beating over the years and the blast cabinet helps clean up the residue. In the cabinet, bumpers are hung and sandblasted to clear the old chrome and rust. This step is essential to be done before other portions of the bumper are repaired from other damage the bumper has received.

Front Chrome Bumper Repair

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