Chrome Auto Parts Repair Process

When it comes to your classic chrome auto parts, no one likes the appearance of rust, scratches or scuffs. Classic chrome auto part repair is done to renew that showroom chrome finish. Chrome auto part repair saves you money and provides a high quality shine, without the hassle of purchasing expensive aftermarket parts. Walk through our chrome auto part repair process from start to finish. Learn how our process of chrome auto parts repair will fix your original chrome auo parts, and produce the durable, quality shine that lasts at an affordable price!

Chrome Auto Parts Repair

Step 4:

We move to the straightening process next. In the large straightening room, the newly repaired bumper is taken to pneumatic hammers and rams, to work out dents that the bumper has accumulated over the years. Each worker in our straightening room takes great pride in creating a smooth appearance for the bumper through this process. Our expert staff also uses several large pieces of steel as anvils, to hammer the smaller dents out of your bumper, the old fashioned way.

Chrome Auto Parts
Chrome Auto Parts

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